The creation of First Class Travelers A.E. was created over 2 years ago, years after the creation of First Class Travelers over 47 years ago.

A little boy from Brooklyn, New York (with southern values) would get into trouble with his parents for wanting to see the buses outside of the doors at the Port Authority bus terminal.

That little boy found his passion at a very young age. Countless amount of times he traveled by bus during the summer months between New York City and South Carolina to visit relatives. Upon arrival he would always have an exciting story to tell his grandparents about the bus he was riding on and interacting with the driver.

That little boy has been riding buses for most of his childhood, and if there’s anyone who can tell the difference between a good or bad bus trip, that little boy now as an adult would be the one! That’s why he put his heart into the creation of First Class Travelers LLC. and First Class Travelers A.E. (Airport Express). He wants to ensure that “ALL” of his valued riders are treated with respect, courtesy, and as a First Class Traveler! that prompted him to name his Company First Class Travelers.

As the little boy got older he wanted to serve his country, so he joined the U.S. Army. Approximately 1 year before ending his Military career, he took on a part time job with a local bus company in Killeen, TX. After many years serving in the Army he decided to end his Military career with an Honorable Discharge so he could pursue his passion. He also left the local bus company to join a much larger bus carrier to gain more knowledge of the operations and functions of a bus company. He then became a Motor Coach Operator for one of the largest carriers during that time. As the years passed he wanted to learn more so he became a Diesel Mechanic.

Life experiences like;

  • serving in the Military as a well-disciplined soldier
  • being promoted up through the ranks to a high ranking respected Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO)
  • developing impeccable leadership skills
  • years of experience as a motor coach driver
  • becoming a driver instructor (receiving all safety awards the company offered as a driver)
  • years of being a diesel mechanic
  • learning the administrative operations of a bus company inside and out
  • and gaining knowledge of how a bus company function

led him to fulfill his childhood dreams to become an owner of his own bus company.

A very good childhood friend B.T.W once asked that little boy, “why do you love buses and being around them so much? The little boy replied, “I like seeing passengers smiling faces when they’ve reached their destination and thanking the driver for a wonderful safe trip. I enjoy seeing passenger’s baggage arrived with them and not being lost, delayed or damaged. The joy of seeing the faces of people meeting their love ones when they get off the bus. That’s the joy I get”. Of the wonderful things he experienced in his childhood he knew buses was going to be his life.

First Class Travelers LLC. – First Class Travelers A.E. LLC.


Due to COVID-19, First Class Travelers Airport Express has discontinued ALL services. For further information please contact management at 1-800-410-1377.